ADOdb Lite Commands 

  ADOdb Lite

If you are familier with the ADODB command set then you should be familier with the commands listed below. We are only supporting a very small subset of the commands available in ADODB. These commands are the basic commands needed to access your database information while maintaining very low memory overhead and maximum execution speed.

  Supported Database Commands

$db->debug = false - Disable Debug Feature
$db->debug = true - Enable Debug Feature

If the debug flag is set to true then every query with corresponding error result will be echoed. The debug feature does not support echoing of resultset functions.

$db->Concat($string, $string)
$db->Execute($sql, [$inputarray])
$db->IfNull($field, $ifNull)$db->Insert_ID()
$db->qstr($string, [$magic_quotes])
$db->SelectLimit( $sql, [nrows], [offset], [$inputarray] ) - Currently MySql/MySqli/MySqlt/SqLite/PostGres7/MsSql/MsSqlpo/Sybase supported

  Supported Result Set Commands




  Additional ADOdb Lite Commands

You can easily expand the functions supported by ADOdb Lite by installing some of the various modules that are availible. Be sure to check the Modules page for the currently offered ADOdb Lite Modules.


none  Unsupported ADOdb Functions

ADOdb Lite doesn't support every ADOdb function at this time and the following is a list of functions currently unsupported with the latest release of ADOdb Lite.

I have a number of planned modules that will add support for these functions. Beside each function you will see the module that will support those functions.

Unsupported ADOConnect Functions

- Cache Module
CacheSelectLimit - Cache Module
CacheFlush - Cache Module
- Cache Module
CacheGetAssoc - Cache Module
CacheGetOne - Cache Module

UpdateBlob - Blob Module
UpdateClob - Blob Module
UpdateBlobFile - Blob Module
BlobEncode - Blob Module
BlobDecode - Blob Module

- Oracle ONLY function
Bind - Oracle ONLY function

Replace - Query Module
AutoExecute - Query Module
GetUpdateSQL - Query Module
GetInsertSQL - Query Module
Prepare - Query Module
Param - Query Module
PrepareSP - Query Module
InParameter - Query Module
OutParameter - Query Module
Parameter - Query Module

PageExecute - Page Module

LogSQL - Performance Monitor


Unsupported ADORecordSet Functions

AbsolutePage - Page Module
- Page Module
- Page Module


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